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  • Sebastian S. Feger, Maximiliane Windl, Jesse Grootjen, Albrecht Schmidt.
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  • 2022

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  • 2020

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  • 2019

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    Mensch und Computer, workshop paper (MuC '18)

Academic Service


  • Practical Course Tangible Privacy (SS 2023)
  • Multimedia Programming (SS 2023)
  • Practical Machine Learning (SS 2021, SS 2022)
  • Media Technology (SS 2021, SS 2022)
  • Introduction to Programming (WS 2021/22, WS 2022/23)
  • Advanced Seminar Media Informatics (WS 2021/22)
  • Proseminar Media Informatics (WS 2022/23, SS 2023)

Advised Theses

  • 2022, Master thesis, Anna Scheidle, Security Indicators for Safe Transitions Between Applications in Virtual Reality
  • 2022, Bachelor thesis, Anna Papanakli, Conveying Principles of Artificial Intelligence through Playful Interaction
  • 2022, Master thesis, Verena Winterhalter, Exploring Needs and Designs of Real World Privacy Policies
  • 2022, Master thesis, Sybil Bast, Interactive Tools that Surface Interaction Consequences in User Authentication
  • 2022, Bachelor thesis, Johanna Walker, PriVis: Investigating Visualizations to Enable Privacy Reflection for Bystanders in Smart Environments
  • 2022 Master thesis, Henrike Weingärtner, Adaptive Closed Captions for Language Learning
  • 2022, Bachelor thesis, Thomas Killer, Mapping Smart Home Privacy Interactions and Negotiations between Bystanders and Device Owners
  • 2022, Master thesis, Adrian Westermeier, Text Summarization for Privacy Policies Using Deep Learning
  • 2021, Master thesis, Alexander Hiesinger, Development and Evaluation of a Tangible IoT Privacy and Security Dashboard
  • 2021, Master thesis, Anke Pellhammer, Personalisation in Volunteer Opportunity Discovery: Design and Evaluation of Novel Interactive Digital Discovery Mechanisms in Volunteer Recruitment

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